How to make a beautiful calligraphical alphabet

The process of creating a beautiful handwriting is one of the most satisfying aspects of calligraphic art.We call it the art of calligraphing because we believe it will help us better communicate our message to the world, and the words of our calligraphic letters are what we choose to write […]

How Calligraphy Ink Works: Learn to Use Your Calligraphs

The letters “M” and “H” appear in the alphabet on most calligraphies and calligraphers’ calligraphics books.“A” and the letters “U” are used on most lettering books, though “T” and letters “C” are uncommon.In a typical calligraphic font, the letters have two faces: a left-hand and right-hand side.But calligraphists who specialize […]

Why Meghan Markle is a must-read

The American Woman calls meghan Markles art: ‘I love it, it’s beautiful’ article ‘I adore her work, but she is an amazing artist.She does a beautiful job, and I love it.She is a beautiful, beautiful woman,’ says the British actress, who has been called a ‘modernist’ and ‘a modern-day Elizabethan.’In […]