Calligraphy and Ink: How it’s Made

The American Calligraphist is back with an all-new book, Calligraphs & Ink, by the award-winning American Calligrapher and acclaimed illustrator, Roberta Schaller.In the book, Schallers unique style of calligraphing, inspired by the styles of medieval Europe, will be explored.Schaller’s unique style will be illustrated by American Callicographer and Emmy-nominated Emmy […]

A Chinese school that was forced to cancel its calligraphies course because of government restrictions says the curriculum has changed to make the job more accessible

The Ministry of Education in Beijing has scrapped the traditional calligraphical writing system at a school in Guangzhou after it was revealed that students were being forced to complete only one set of calls to meet government requirements.Schools in the city of Jiangsu province in the northeast had been instructed […]