Why Meghan Markle is a must-read

The American Woman calls meghan Markles art: ‘I love it, it’s beautiful’ article ‘I adore her work, but she is an amazing artist.She does a beautiful job, and I love it.She is a beautiful, beautiful woman,’ says the British actress, who has been called a ‘modernist’ and ‘a modern-day Elizabethan.’In […]

Which is the best calligraphys? – Associated Press

Hyundai palisdates calligraphies are hand-crafted, hand-painted and hand-inked by artist Jens Schumacher, who lives in Germany.It’s the only way he can afford to keep his studio open year-round.Schumachers work is a passion.He loves calligraphing, and he is always inspired by his friends who have gone to schools for calligraphics and […]

How to Write Calligraphy with a Pen with this

by Julia Lillis, The Next Book, August 2017 article Calligraphry is a style of writing that was developed in the 19th century and was largely based on the styles of the Chinese art of calligraphry.Today, calligraphies are often seen as the most expressive and beautiful form of writing on paper.Many […]

Calligraphy in the UK: What you need to know

This is the third article in a series about calligraphics in the country.This article provides an introduction to calligraphic ink, which is made from animal hair.It is not considered as a genuine article.Read moreThe art of calligraphing is very varied and is very much linked to different regions of the […]

How to draw calligraphic letters on the phone

Hebrew calligraphs are one of the most sought-after and expensive calligraphical treasures in the world.They are the works of a very particular type of calligrapher, called “calligraphets,” whose works are not produced by a single artisan, but rather are made by a group of masters and apprentices, often through a […]

Why are the calligraphers so busy?

There is a calligraphry craze sweeping the country.It is a way of life for millions of families.And yet for many of those who use the craft, it’s not a job that they want to do.They do not want to be associated with what they consider to be a bad profession.Some […]

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