Why you should love Chinese calligraphies

There are hundreds of thousands of Chinese calligraphers around the world, and for most of them, their writing is not as easy to read as the written language of their homeland.This means they have to learn the way the written word is written by hand to create words that can […]

A calligraphic pen for every need

This calligraph.It’s one of the pen we reviewed, and it’s made of walmart.Walmart sells calligraphys for almost every occasion.They have a lot of pens out there, so I bought one of them.I’ve been writing for years.I don’t usually write on my phone, because I don’t like it.It makes me uncomfortable […]

The Art of Cut Lettering

The art of cut lettering has been around since the 19th century.It is the craft of cutting lines and symbols into a single stroke that looks like a letter.The word “cut” is used to signify the cutting of an outline or pattern of lines.In its original form, the art was […]