Which Calligraphy DIP Pen Is the Best?

DIP pens are among the most expensive and most popular pen stylists, and they can be expensive.There are a few different styles, and the quality of the nibs varies greatly.This article will explore which DIP pen is the best for your needs, and what you should look for when buying […]

Which of these would you rather get? Borders or ink?

Posted December 12, 2016 10:07:18Border borders or ink borders?That’s the question you’ve probably asked yourself, but you may not have any idea which you would rather get.Borders have been around for centuries.They’re not a new concept, either, and have been in use for centuries in art, fashion and decoration.But a […]

How to make a beautiful calligraphical alphabet

The process of creating a beautiful handwriting is one of the most satisfying aspects of calligraphic art.We call it the art of calligraphing because we believe it will help us better communicate our message to the world, and the words of our calligraphic letters are what we choose to write […]

Calligraphy is a sign of the times

Posted November 01, 2018 08:29:31We live in a time when the word “calligraphic” is becoming synonymous with calligraphical decor, so naturally we all love it.But what about decor that doesn’t use the word, and what are the rules?It turns out there’s a whole set of rules when it comes to […]