Walmart’s ‘Modern Calligraphy Alphabet’ is now available online

Walmart has released a new handwriting font called Modern Calligrapho which looks just like cursive.

The brand has launched the new font in a range of sizes for its online stores, including the largest-selling one in the US, the $4.99-$5.99 store.

Modern Callography Alphabet was released earlier this month in a limited number of fonts.

The company says that Modern Callography is designed to make handwriting more accessible to both men and women, and to “enhance the overall aesthetic” of a given brand’s store.

It’s currently available in the $2.99-3.99 range, and can be purchased on and other sites. 

The company is not releasing any additional pricing details, other than to say that Modern calligraphs are designed for people with limited experience with penmanship. 

In addition to Modern Callographs, the brand also released a number of cursive and calligraphal fonts last year, including a set of pen-like handwriting that came in a black and white palette.