Watch the Calligraphy of the Gods on the big screen at the Palais de Culture in Paris on Thursday night

Paris, November 15, 2017: The Calligraphia of the gods is coming to the Palaces de Culture on Thursday evening to mark the official launch of the show “Sister of the Goddess” at the Paris Opera House.

The new program features original and commissioned works by the most notable artists of modern times, including the acclaimed Italian sculptor Francesco Gherardi and the renowned French graphic artist Pierre-Auguste Renoir.

The show, which has already seen a series of shows in New York and London, will be presented in the Palazzo dei Scuola in the heart of Paris, starting at 7.30pm.

It will be followed by a reception with performances by the show’s stars, and a special dinner, featuring an appetiser, dessert and wine.

Tickets for the program, which is free, are available at the Opera House box office, or by calling 0845-0-8930.

The Palais du Ciel is also hosting a series called “The Gods in the Garden”, where visitors can look at the works of the most renowned artists from around the world, including Renoir, Gherardi, Renoir’s son and contemporary, Jean-Michel Basquiat.

The event is also taking place in the National Gallery of France, where the “Sisters of the God” will be exhibited.

The artists who are featured in the show include the renowned German sculptor Johann Wolfgang von Goethe, the acclaimed Japanese painter Yoshitaka Amano and the American painter, painter and illustrator Frank Stella.

The exhibition is set to be open for two weeks, from November 14.