Hope Calligraphy Practice – How to Create Beautiful and Inspiring Calligraphies

by Hope J. Smith from Calligraphic Life on Vimeo.

Hope has been an award-winning, award-nominated and professional Calligraphist since 2005.

She is currently a Fellow of the American Academy of Arts and Sciences, and has a Master of Arts in Art History from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.

Her work can be seen in many art museums around the world.

Hope has won the Calligraphs Award for Excellence in Design in the United States and Canada, and the National Medal of Arts from the American Institute of Art.

She was also the recipient of a Calligraphics Medal from the Society of Modern and Contemporary Art in 2010.

Hope is the author of a book, Calligraphica, which includes her calligraphical practice and writing.

Hope teaches calligraphic writing at Hope J Smith School of Arts & Crafts, where she is a graduate of the award-winners program, and at the Calligraphic Association of America, where the award was bestowed in 2017.

Hope is also a graduate student at the University Of California, San Diego, where her work has been featured in the California School of Design.