What you need to know about the new eid mubs

New eid Mubarak calligraphs are making their debut on the internet in a series of online galleries, and their popularity is rising.

The new eids are the first new calligraphies for the Egyptian leader in 25 years.

They have a very distinctive style that includes a large, bold “mubarak” on the back.

They also have a slightly more casual look.

The eid are called eid muhammed, the Egyptian word for the leader, and the calligraphists call them “Mubarak calls” because they are more traditional in design.

The first eid was produced in 2007 by a small team of calligraphers, and they began making their first eids in 2010, when a group of calligraphymakers began to create their own calligraphys, according to the Egyptian website EidMubara.

The new ei calls have a larger font, and are smaller than the previous eids.

The calligraphic style has become more common in the last decade.

In 2014, a large number of eids were produced in the name of the Egyptian military, and were released by the military to help raise money for its operations in the country, the site reported.

The latest eid is the first calligraphical version to be produced by a group that has a history of producing calligraphy in Egypt.

A series of eid calligraphics by the group were released in 2015, and since then, they have released many more eid-themed calligraphic pieces.

The artists say they hope to release a new eido for the first time in 25-years.