How to buy a great calligraphry pen

A calligraph, the Irish Times reports, has the potential to turn into an art piece and even become a valuable investment.

The paper reports that the Irish Pencil Association is working on a plan to encourage the development of a professional-grade inkjet pen, which could turn out to be a great investment for the country.

In an effort to help young people get into the craft, the association has created a calligraphs guide called The Art of Calligraphy.

It features over 100,000 calligraphic images that the association believes are worth up to €500,000.

According to the publication, a professional calligraphist can make up to four times as much as a layman, but can be paid around €1,000 per hour.

The calligraphists will be able to earn a living on their own if they produce high-quality work, which includes fine-grain engravings, abstract designs and even paintings.

The publication also notes that the demand for a professional pen has also been seen in art.

It quotes a recent auction that sold the hand-carved works of Callan Ó Síocháin, one of Ireland’s most famous calligraphers, for over €3.5 million.

“Calligraphy is a fascinating art form, but the value lies in the process of creating an original work of art,” the organisation says.

“The only way to really understand the quality of an artist’s work is to have the opportunity to watch them work.”