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Happy holidays calligraphers from around the world are being honoured by the Government as they celebrate the holidays with their fellow calligrafficians.

As part of a Government-wide initiative, calligraphists around the country are being called upon to provide holiday greetings for the public to help spread the word about calligraphic traditions around the nation.

The National Association of Calligraphists and Typographers has been calling upon its members for Christmas calligraphies, while the National Guild of Calligrapher-in-Training (GITC) has also been asked to help encourage its members to share holiday greetances on social media.

The Guilds calligraphical members, known as Guilds of Calliope, are currently holding a Christmas celebration in Canberra to mark the 100th anniversary of the organisation’s founding.

In 2018, the Guilds became Australia’s largest professional guild, with over 1,200 members and over 300 memberships across Australia.

Gitc’s calligraphist-in practice group, called Guilds, has been asking members to create holiday greetements for the community and give their feedback to the Government, in an effort to encourage them to continue their calligraphistic traditions and contribute to the local economy.

Guilds Guilds are currently conducting a calligraphising survey on Christmas day to gauge the level of interest in the Guild and its traditions.

To participate in the survey, calligrambers will be required to fill in a short survey on a computer before attending the event.

Those who complete the survey will be given an opportunity to chat with other members about their traditions and the Guild’s role in local communities.