FourFour Two: Four Four Two – Three of a Kind

FourFour has confirmed that it is currently working on a new version of the iconic Calligraphy Companion.

The new edition will be called Calligraphic Companion, and will be released on March 18, 2018.

FourFour says that the new edition includes a range of new features and improvements that will give Calligraphics a “more complete and polished experience”.

It also notes that the company is looking to expand the number of different colours of calligraphics available to customers.

The Calligraphist’s Companion has always been a great place to share the latest calligraphical inspiration, and we are looking forward to seeing the many beautiful calligraphic pieces that are on offer in the next edition of the Companion.

The new edition features new styles of calligraphic lettering that can be easily modified to suit individual handwriting styles.

In addition, it will be available as a subscription service for existing customers.

It will cost $59.99, but will include all the features of the regular edition, including a full color layout, a detailed calligraphist guide, and an interactive gallery to help you explore the many styles and techniques.

“Calligraphy is one of the most important forms of creative expression in the world, and the best calligraphies come from the minds of calliproctors, sculptors, painters, and more,” said FourFour co-founder and Chief Creative Officer, Stephen Lister.

“Calligraphic Companions are the ultimate inspiration for anyone who loves calligraphing.”

In a press release, Lister said: “Our goal with this new edition of Calligraphie is to ensure that all Calligraphies that are created for the Companion are a product that people want to read and share with their family, friends, and co-workers.”

Lister continued: “Calligraphic Companions will become even more valuable for us as we continue to evolve the Companion and improve it, and it’s great to have an opportunity to work with such a fantastic partner like FourFour.

We are excited to bring a truly comprehensive collection of Calligraphic Letters and calligraphistics to all FourFour stores across Australia.”

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