The American Conservatives: How to Read Their Names

Greeting Card Design The American Republican Party has a history of embracing the Republican cause, from the establishment of the party in 1876 to its rise in power in the 1920s and 30s.While the party was founded by anti-semitic extremists, the party has been known to support social conservatives and […]

What you need to know about the new eid mubs

New eid Mubarak calligraphs are making their debut on the internet in a series of online galleries, and their popularity is rising.The new eids are the first new calligraphies for the Egyptian leader in 25 years.They have a very distinctive style that includes a large, bold “mubarak” on the back.They […]

How to buy a great calligraphry pen

A calligraph, the Irish Times reports, has the potential to turn into an art piece and even become a valuable investment.The paper reports that the Irish Pencil Association is working on a plan to encourage the development of a professional-grade inkjet pen, which could turn out to be a great […]