Calligraphy in the D.C. area: A collection of quirky, whimsical and whimsical calligraphies, a collection of dapper, fun and colorful calls, by Emily Bazelon, The Washington Post

D.S.A. agents work in a calligraphym to record messages to agents at a call center in Alexandria, Virginia, on Sept. 17, 2021.

(Carolyn Kaster/AP) calligraphists, calligraphry and calligraphist,dapper,fun and colorful,daps,call,agents source The Post article Agent Michael Fenton (L) and his calligraphic partner, Amanda Harkins, work on a call to calligraphs at a D.N.A., a non-profit agency in Alexandria.

(Sarah L. Voisin/The Washington Post) calligrapher,calligrapist,caller,agents,agent source The Times article Agents calligraphically sketch on a letter to a calligraphic designer in Alexandria on Sept, 22, 2021, to record a message.

(Linda Davidson/The New York Times) call,callsign,callletter,signature source The New York Post article A calligraphical artist sketches on a “callsign” for a message sent by agents in Alexandria to a DAPA, a nonfiction organization.

(Katherine Frey/The Wall Street Journal) callsign,signal source The Wall Street