How to make a calligraphic piece of graffiti using chalk, watercolour and paint

I was in a bit of a pickle this week, so I decided to try and make something with chalk, but I didn’t want to mess with a piece of chalk I had on hand.

A friend of mine, Alex, has been a big fan of calligraphies for a while now and I was keen to make one myself.

When I was doing some research, I found that I needed to make something to use as a calligraphic piece of art, but also to create something that could be easily painted.

I’ve found that this is a great way to do this, as you’re not limited by the time and space you have.

Alex had used a cheap piece of acrylic paint, so he just put the paint into a tube and gave it a little brush to do some colouring.

Once the paint dried, he put it in a bucket and watercoloured the area with some watercolour.

This is the result: I’ve also got some watercolours I’ve put together to help you do the same.

Then I added a bit more paint to the base of the piece and I’m happy with the results.

All of this is done on a cheap plastic brush.

It took me about an hour to do all of this, so be patient with me.

I also used a paint brush and a little bit of watercolour to get the look I wanted.

The colours I used were:  Yellow, Red, Green and Blue.

I didn’ want to use any of the colours that are available in the spray cans, so when it came to the brush, I had to get creative.

You’ll need: 1 1/2 litre of water 1 1 1 / 2 inch brush with a flat tip, you should have a brush that is about 1.5 inches long or more. 

I also used my paintbrush, which was a little bigger and I found I was using a little too much of it, so to get it to dry quickly I just added a little more water.

Next I used a bit on top of the watercolour to make it more glossy.

I’m going to give the brush a quick wash in a cup of water and then paint the whole thing, so it won’t look as shiny and dark.

Finally, I did the watercolour with a brush and watercolour brush, so you can see the brush and the water colour.

Here is what I ended up with: It’s a really simple piece of work, but it makes a really lovely piece of calligraphing.

If you have any other ideas for the way you want your calligram to look, I’d love to hear about them in the comments below.