What you need to know about fancy calligraphing fonts

The NHL is starting a new trend with its moms day calligraphing font.

The NHL announced on Monday that its moms will be using a special font to call out their mothers’ names.

“For the first time ever, mothers and daughters will be calling out the names of their mothers and fathers,” the NHL said in a statement.

“This special calligraphic font, called Mothers Day Calligraphy Font, will be used by moms during the 2014-15 NHL season to help celebrate their moms day, Mothers’ Day, and the women who made our hockey team what it is today.”

The font is available on all NHL jerseys, T-shirts and hats.

“The font will be designed specifically for mothers who wish to call each other by their first names and their names, such as Mom or Dad,” the league said.

“Moms Day Calligrapher Font is designed to be both functional and stylish for moms and daughters alike.”

The NHL has already been working on its own moms day font, but the font will likely not be officially unveiled until after the league unveils its 2016-17 schedule.