How to write with calligraphs

I used to love the calligraphical art of calligraphing.

But now I don’t know how to write on a sheet of paper, let alone on a piece of paper.

It’s hard to remember where you’re going with a line, and it’s impossible to draw something in the air, so it’s a challenge to communicate.

And I love the feel of a calligraphic piece, which is why I decided to create my own version of the art form with my own two hands.

I wrote with my pen in my palm, then with my fingertips and a pencil in the palm of my right hand, to see if I could create a calligraphic piece with two fingers.

I’ve been making calligraphies since I was 11 years old, and I still use them to write poetry.

I’m a fan of the technique and I’m happy to share my knowledge and techniques.

My goal with this project was to write a poem using two fingers on a white background, which was difficult to do with calligraphers’ traditional methods.

And it was so much fun to try to write something with my two hands!

I thought it would be easier to do this with my fingers.

But I realized that my fingers are very fragile and I couldn’t make my calligraphist handwork work.

And the other problem was the lack of time.

I could never draw in time with the technique.

The next step was to take my calligraphist handwriting techniques and apply them to my own writing.

The process of drawing the piece of text using the two hands was very similar to my previous efforts.

I used a sketch pad to trace the line and outline of my words, and then I drew lines on the calligram with my left hand and pencil in my right.

Then I started with my thumb and wrote the words on the pad with my right thumb and my right index finger.

I then used a pencil to erase any stray lines that came to mind and I used my index finger to draw the outline.

It was so simple that I almost forgot to mention that my handwriting was also with my index and middle fingers.

The technique was easy and I was really happy with how it turned out.

I hope you enjoy this tutorial and will also make your own version.

I am very excited about my next project!

If you’re interested in learning more about my art, check out the calligoing channel.

I want to thank my calligo, my sister, my mom, my best friend, and my brother, who I’m very grateful for.

Thank you so much for reading and if you have any questions, please leave a comment below or email me.